Essendon Pool House Kitchen

Client: Essendon Pool House Kitchen

Designer: Ashlee Stark

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The project was a designer’s dream – create the ultimate kitchen for a young + vibrant family of 4 who love to cook and entertain.

Part of an extensive revamp of a dark, brick granny flat with a very 70s garage vibe, swimming pool and alfresco area, the client wanted this kitchen to tie in with the rest of the outdoor space.

The building comprised of two rooms – we fitted the kitchen into one, with the other intended as a living area. The client wanted to retain a bar, so we divided the kitchen space, so this could be accessed from the adjoining deck.

The bold cobalt blue was an early idea to tie the space to the pool. The bi-fold doors allowed new light + the outdoor vista to stream in tying the whole space together.

Black accents were continued throughout the space – a late decision relocated the planned ceiling fan to the adjacent room and we opted for the feature pendant to continue this theme.

By mixing up the materials for the bar area, we were able to create a sense of separation between the spaces whilst maintaining a feeling of continuity by extending the lines of the kitchen.

The result is a space that flows well within the pool house as a whole, and evokes a feeling of summer with the bright, clean and fresh palette.