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Laundry Renovation Ideas

Laundry Renovation Ideas

Laundry renovation ideas - The Inside Project

Laundry renovation ideas are some of the most asked questions for our designers. The laundry is one of the most used spaces in your home, and for good reason. For many families, it serves not just as a clothes washing room, but also a place for storage, organisation and cleaning.

Although the basic function of a laundry room hasn’t changed much over the years, gone are the utilitarian laundries of the twentieth century.

Now laundry renovations are all about adding personality and style to old-fashioned functionality.  

Inspired by the most sought after designs, here are five laundry renovation ideas and tips to make the most of your laundry.

Laundry Renovation Ideas – Storage & Space

When designing a laundry, maximising space for functionality and flow is essential.

This can be achieved by including ample storage and working bench space. Often space is limited for cabinetry so consider using all the space to the ceiling for lesser accessed items.

Don’t forget a tall cabinet to store items such as the stick vacuum or mops and brooms.

Where will your washing basket be housed when not in use? An open wall shelf a good use of space for this so the bench top is not cluttered and remains free for folding.

Drawers or overheads cabinets work well to conveniently and discreetly store items like washing powders and towels.

Another great laundry renovation idea is to add a hanging rail above the bench. This can be used for drying clothes on hangers or hanging clothes after ironing.

To achieve both functionality and visual intrigue, install a mix of cupboards, drawers, overheads, shelves and benchtop space.

Laundry renovation ideas - storage space

Laundry Renovation Ideas – Easy to clean and durable surfaces

Laundry benchtops are an important feature of any laundry as they double as a workspace and storage area for clean folded clothes.

However, since they are such a high traffic area they can be prone to being overworked with dirt and grime.

Make cleaning easier on yourself by opting for one of the following durable surfaces:


Laminate benchtops are an affordable option that can mimic other materials such as wood and stone. Laminate is resistant to stains, is hard wearing against chips and doesn’t require any sealants or cleaners. Laminate benchtops are a great option for laundries.


Timber benchtops are another affordable option that add warmth to the colour palette.
Timber will need sealing and periodical maintenance to maintain its pristine appearance but timber benchtops are highly durable and easy to repair if damaged. Timber benchtops are another great option for laundries.

Natural Stone or Granite

Natural stone, such as marble or granite are a stylish addition to your laundry space. Known for its natural beauty and endless colours, it has the ability to fit into any style of laundry. Natural stone and granite do need sealing every 6-12 months to maintain their properties.


Porcelain benchtops in laundries are becoming a popular choice. They are extremely hard wearing and do not require ongoing maintenance. Resistant to stains, scratches and heat and very easy to clean, porcelain benchtops in a laundry are a premium choice.

Laundry renovation ideas - The Inside Project

Laundry Renovation Ideas – Benchtop depth

Although the standard depth of a kitchen bench is 600mm, this is often not deep enough to hold both the sinks and appliances that are commonplace in the modern laundry.

We recommend opting for a 650-700mm deep benchtop, which will also give you enough space to tuck hoses behind your washing machine.

The deeper laundry benchtop also gives more space for folding washing and cleaning up.

Laundry renovation ideas - benchtop depth

Laundry Renovation Ideas – Colour Palette

Your laundry colour palette will depend where in the home the room is located.

If your laundry is near your kitchen or bathroom, it is best to match or coordinate the finishes to maintain a theme. Finishes, such as melamine for cabinetry, work best as they affordable and available in a huge range of colours and textures.

Use an interesting tile on the splashback as a cost effective way to add texture or colour to your design.

A mixture of timber and colour works to add warmth to the room. Consider some timber shelves or overhead cabinets.

The laundry is a space where you can bring some personality and flair so don’t be afraid to use colour.

Laundry renovation ideas - colour palette

Laundry Renovation Ideas – Pull Out Laundry Basket

Incorporating some simple and smart ideas into your laundry design not only has the potential to increase functionality but can decrease the amount of time you spend cleaning and organising the laundry space itself.

A pair of slide-out laundry baskets can upgrade your clothes washing processes by making it easier to sort colours and keep dirty clothes off the floor.

If you don’t have space to dedicate a whole cabinet for a pull out laundry basket allocate a space for a nice freestanding model in wicker or canvas.

Laundry renovation tip - pull out laundry basket

Using these Laundry Renovation Ideas, Design Your Space with Melbourne Renovation Experts

These laundry renovation ideas are a clever way to add value to your home and create a space that works for your family for years to come.

Using hard wearing materials and the combined knowledge of interior design professionals, The Inside Project is dedicated to building laundries that are both functional and beautiful. 

To discuss your next project, get in touch today by calling us on 1300 126 457 or or fill out our contact form.

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