Our Top 5 Picks for Laundry Renovation Ideas for 2022

The laundry is one of the most used spaces in your home, and for good reason. For many families, it serves not just as a clothes washing room, but also a place for storage, organisation and cleaning. Although the basic function of a laundry room hasn’t changed much over the years, gone are the utilitarian laundries of the twentieth century. In 2022, laundry renovations are all about adding a personality, functionality and style to that old-fashioned practicality.  The best way to make your renovated laundry work for you is by blending design elements with functionality. Inspired by the most sought after designs for families, here are five laundry renovation ideas and tips to make the most of your laundry in 2022.


1. Storage & Space

When designing a laundry, maximising space for functionality and flow is essential. This can be achieved by including ample storage and working bench space. For example, you can build tall cupboards to store long items such as mops and brooms, and include internal drawers to place items conveniently and discreetly, including washing powders and towels. To achieve both functionality and visual intrigue, install a mix of cupboards, drawers, overheads and bench-top space. You might even like to vary between enclosed and open wall cabinets to increase your storage and minimise visible clutter.



2. Easy to Clean & Durable Surfaces

Laundry bench-tops are an important feature of any laundry as they double as a workspace and storage area to keep clothes off the floor. However, since they are such a high traffic area they can be prone to dirt and grime. Make cleaning easier on yourself by opting for one of the following durable surfaces:



Quartz is often said to be nearly indestructible under normal prep conditions. It’s both stain-resistant and bacteria-resistant, and it doesn’t require sealing before use.



Granite is one of the most popular bench options, known for its natural beauty and ability to fit into any style of bathroom. When sealed annually, granite is resistant to cracks and chips.



Laminate bench-tops are an affordable option that can mimic other materials such as wood and granite. Made from paper and plastic, laminate is resistant to stains and doesn’t require any sealants or cleaners.




3.  Bench Depth Sink & Taps

Although the standard depth of a kitchen bench is 600 millimetres, this is often not deep enough to hold both the sinks and appliances that are commonplace in the modern laundry. Some experts recommend opting for at least a 650-millimetre deep bench-top, which will also give you enough space to tuck hoses behind your washing machine. If you have additional space, you might like to place two sinks side by side to simplify cleaning and washing.



5. Colour Palette

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to transform your laundry is with a coat of paint. For laundries, old adages generally still hold true: keep your space modern and light with bright whites on the walls and cabinets. In 2022, design professionals are also moving towards colour palettes featuring calm hues with a hint of colour. This means choosing laundry designs that include mid and neutral tones for a timeless classic look, and painting interiors with modern, popular colours such as muted sage green.


laundry renovated

6. Pull Out Laundry Bin

Incorporating some simple and smart ideas into your laundry design not only has the potential to increase functionality but can decrease the amount of time you spend cleaning and organising the laundry space itself. A pair of strong plastic slide-out bins can upgrade your clothes washing processes by making it easier to lift out the bins and hose them to avoid odour build-up. Alternatively, if you opt for a stand-alone laundry basket, ensure you allocate adequate space in your laundry layout.


Using these Laundry Renovation Ideas, Design Your Space with Melbourne Renovation Experts

These laundry renovation ideas are a clever way to add value to your home and create a space that works for your family for years to come. Using premium materials and the combined knowledge of interior design professionals, The Inside Project is dedicated to helping you take advantage of contemporary style and technology to build laundries that are both functional and beautiful. To discuss your next project, get in touch with The Inside Project today by Book a Consultation or call us on 1300 126 457.

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