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The Timeless Appeal of Classic Kitchen Designs

The Timeless Appeal of Classic Kitchen Designs


Unfading and sophisticated, a classic kitchen design is a coveted choice for homeowners seeking to balance chic simplicity with a personal touch. The charm of a classic kitchen lies in its elegance and simplicity; neutral hues, smooth surfaces, and a canvas that invites you to make the space your own.

Defining ‘Classic’ in Australian Kitchen Design

A term that often seems vast, ‘classic’ in the context of Australian kitchen design is actually a style defined by a few essential characteristics. A classic design kitchen borrows inspiration from traditional kitchen design, with elements that withstand the test of time:

The Palette of Eternity: Neutral Colour Schemes in Classic Kitchens

White is the cornerstone of a classic kitchen’s colour scheme, radiating elegance and simplicity. The timeless appeal of white, and shades such as off-white, beige and light grey, makes them a staple in any classic or traditional kitchen.

White Elysian kitchen tap and White Billi tap in a white shaker style kitchen

The Power of Contrast: Striking Colour

Traditional kitchens, especially traditional white kitchens, often utilise the bold contrast of black or charcoal against the pristine white, to add a striking emphasis. This could be as strong as two-toned cabinetry or smaller accents such as handles, lighting or furniture.

The Allure of Shape: Door Styles

A shaker door style is often used in Traditional kitchens to enhance the neutral colour palette. The simple frame of a shaker door adds a point of interest to the eye.

Accessories that Complement: The Flexible Look in Traditional Style Kitchens

One of the unrivalled aspects of a traditional style kitchen and classic kitchen alike is their flexibility. The base of neutral hues allows for easy accessorising, like adding timber finishes, interesting lighting or vintage hardware.

The Finishing Touch: Splashback

A classic kitchen’s splashback requires careful colour selection. Subway or finger tiles, with their timeless style, are an incredibly popular option. Especially in white, they add character to a classic kitchen without overshadowing other elements. Detail can be added with an interesting lay pattern.

In summary, a classic kitchen design offers an exquisite blend of timeless elegance and personal creativity, embodying the very essence of kitchen design.

Cosmopolitan White benchtop with Cantucci Blanco feature splashback tile

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