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Creating the Perfect Contemporary Kitchen Design

Creating the Perfect Contemporary Kitchen Design


Contemporary kitchen designs are a response to the rapidly changing needs of people, their lifestyles and the broader environment, expressing the spirit of the current time. These designs do not tie to one particular style but are a product of ongoing innovation, technological advances, and the latest styling trends. Blending elements from classic, modern and industrial styles, a contemporary kitchen focuses on the present while pulling the best elements from trends gone by.

The Essence of Contemporary Style Kitchen Design

The cabinetry style in contemporary kitchen interior design stands out with an emphasis on space efficiency and simple style.  Many contemporary homes & apartments feature open plan living which seamlessly blend the kitchen with dining, living, and outdoor spaces. The combination of utilitarian, comfortable and decorative elements, using materials like stone & metal with timber & tile, is a signature of contemporary style.

The Sophistication of Kitchen Cabinets Contemporary Design

In a contemporary designer kitchen, cabinets offer accessible storage that optimises available space. Features such as bin & internal drawers, slide out pantries and appliance centres all make best use of your available space.

For a high end design integrated appliances, such as dishwashers & fridges, further conceal the workings of the kitchen leaving a more furniture-like appearance.

Elwood Kitchen

Contemporary Splashback – Adding a Dash of Sleek Elegance

For a contemporary kitchen design, the splashback is often a continuation of the benchtop materials, for example stone or porcelain.

Tiles are another popular choice for a contemporary style kitchen design, with neutral grids or geometric arrangements lending a touch of texture to the sleek cabinetry.

Induction cooktop with Turbine Grey stone benchtop and splashback

The Finer Details in a Contemporary Kitchen Design

Though contemporary kitchen designs emphasizes sleek and streamlined appearances, they often break this pattern by incorporating statement fixtures. These might include a sculptural light fitting, contrasting colour pops, unexpected material usage, or eye-catching hardware.

Surrey Hills Kitchen

A mixture of clean white and warm timber finishes creates a sense of light and space, especially beneficial for contemporary small kitchen designs. Alternatively, tones such as charcoal and slate offer a visually striking, neutral effect for a sleek departure from traditional designs.

Elwood Kitchen

When it comes to designing contemporary kitchen designs with an island, similar principles apply. The island must blend seamlessly with the overall design, embodying the same sleek, modern characteristics, and serving as a functional, inviting centrepiece. Contemporary kitchen island designs often become the focal point, balancing utility with style.

Yarraville Kitchen

So, if you are looking to create a kitchen design contemporary remember the essentials. Embrace the sleek, make the most of your space, and don’t be afraid to mix traditional and modern elements. From contemporary white kitchen designs to contemporary minimalist kitchen designs to contemporary luxury kitchen designs, the possibilities are endless.

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