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4 Small Kitchen Ideas & Tips to Follow

4 Small Kitchen Ideas & Tips to Follow


By maximising space in your small kitchen, you give yourself more room to prepare meals, entertain and make the most of what is often the heart of the home. While working with smaller spaces may pose a challenge for some, experienced kitchen designers will find opportunities throughout the space to increase usable space and improve functionality. Here, we explore a variety of small kitchen ideas to transform your compact space.

There are a number of small kitchen designs that may work for your home. Carefully planning your storage, using smaller appliances, plus selecting appropriate colours and finishes are all small kitchen ideas that can make an incredible difference to your home.

Small Kitchen Ideas & Tips

1. Carefully Plan Storage

Storage is your best friend when it comes to making every area in your kitchen work for you. Most modern small U-shaped kitchen designs include carefully planned integrated storage.

There are a variety of classic, modern and unique ways to incorporate more storage into your space. These include mounting open shelves above your main cabinetry, opting for drawers or shelves depending on how you use your kitchen. Discussing your storage needs with a qualified designer is the best way to find out how to maximise the space in your small kitchen.


2. Install a Kitchen Island

Another popular way to create more usable space is by installing an island bench. This stylish yet functional inclusion to your space is one of those designs for small kitchens that truly makes a difference.

Depending on your requirements, some professional kitchen designers will strategically create the island bench to incorporate storage on both sides. Effective, yet simple small kitchen design ideas such as these allow you to use your cabinets in the most effective way possible. If you don’t have enough room in your kitchen, opting for a bar cart or butcher’s block is a good way to make the most of the limited space. Small U-shaped kitchen designs benefit from moveable island benches that can be used as storage and removed when more room is required.


3. Opt for Smaller Appliances

Selecting smaller appliances for your space is one of the easier ideas to implement. Using compact appliances and integrating them within your kitchen helps to create more bench space and promote a clutter-free look. Fortunately, small appliances are often just as high quality as large appliances, meaning you won’t have to compromise during decision making.


4. Selecting Finishes & Colours

When selecting colours and finishes, it’s important to choose a look that suits your own personal style while also helping to create the illusion of a larger area.

To extend your space, speak with your kitchen designer about contrasting and balancing light and dark colours on the walls and cabinetry. Once you have chosen your preferred colours, opting for push-cabinetry and removing the need for handles that protrude into the space will help create the appearance of a bigger kitchen.

To create an extra element of depth you may also benefit from adding a mirrored splash-back to extend the depth of the space.

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Professional Small Kitchen Designers

At The Inside Project, our talented team of kitchen designers provide our clients with the best small kitchen renovation ideas, allowing you to make the most of one of the most integral areas of the home. We work with you to create a space that matches your personal style while maximising functionality.

To discuss small kitchen design ideas and get your dream kitchen underway, give The Inside Project team a call today on 1300 126 457 or Book a Consultation.

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