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Top 5 Kitchen Renovation Styles

Top 5 Kitchen Renovation Styles

Kitchen trends evolve every year, giving designers the opportunity to embrace the latest technology and styles. When it comes to deciding on the perfect kitchen interior for your home, it’s important to follow trends that not only suit your budget but also meet your functional needs and personal style. This year has seen the best kitchen designs strike the right balance between functionality and aesthetics. Trends continue to push the boundaries by mixing wildly different finishes together and combining a variety of traditional and unexpected materials. This different take on fixture cohesion will help create a modern environment within the home, something that many people are now looking to achieve. Going forward, homeowners may also begin to notice a shift in how kitchens are used, with many popular kitchen renovation styles moving away from open-plan concepts.

Popular Kitchen Renovation Styles

1. Minimalism

This year, we will continue to see minimalist kitchen remodels across Australia. Kitchens that facilitate minimalism use sleek and stylish materials to help keep the space organised and clutter-free. In a minimalist kitchen, you will likely see straight lines and clean polished finishes that emphasise the sleek nature. There will also be plenty of storage to ensure your appliances can be hidden away, creating an incredibly streamlined look. If you’re seeking ideas for a small kitchen remodel, the minimal style kitchen is the perfect solution. Elwood kitchen renovation with matt black joinery and grey stone benchtop

2. Natural woods and marble

Natural woods and marble stone finishes are not a new concept when it comes to kitchen design, but designers are now getting more creative with how the materials are being used. Celebrating the natural materials through finishes, bench-tops and more, makes them the focal point of the kitchen and brings an element of nature into the home. By incorporating natural woods and marble into your kitchen design, you will also make the space feel more luxurious and high-end.

3. Modern

In 2022, the modern kitchen is enjoying a fresh revival that highlights simplicity and elegance. Homeowners who take inspiration from modern kitchen renovation styles will likely select high-tech appliances that promote a clutter-free lifestyle. This style includes plenty of storage, hiding bins and pantries in bespoke pullout cabinets. Sleek doors, clean finishes, smooth lines and contemporary lighting will be the focal point of the kitchen, creating a true sense of modernism in the home. Caesarstone Alpine Mist island benchtop with seating

4. Eco-style

Eco-friendly kitchens are continuing to rise in popularity in 2022. This style of kitchen is sustainable built and uses green, A-rated appliances and efficient recycling bins. Homeowners looking to install an eco-style kitchen should select responsibly sourced materials for their build and use recycled materials where possible. Many bench-tops, including wood, can be sourced in environmentally-friendly ways, so it’s important to discuss this preference with your kitchen designer and builder.

5. Industrial

The industrial style kitchen is perfect for homeowners who would prefer a low-maintenance and contemporary space. Industrial style kitchens place a large emphasis on exposing fittings and repurposing materials to give the kitchen an old-style warehouse feel.

This highly functional kitchen style looks best in spaces that get a significant amount of light, as the rustic look of the walls and minimal furnishings can then become the focal point of the room. If you opt for an industrial style kitchen, you can expect your designer to suggest an easy-to-clean stainless steel bench-top and stainless style appliances, paired with wooden or concrete floors, depending on your personal style.

Dream Kitchen Designers

As you’re making your kitchen design decisions, visiting showrooms is beneficial to see examples of how style can work within a space. Consulting a kitchen design specialist can help give you advice on the best way to achieve your desired look. At The Inside Project, we have a team of highly-trained kitchen designers who will be able to help you make the best design decisions for your space, maximising functionality and overall style. For more information about the kitchen renovation process, have a chat with one of our dedicated team by calling us on 1300 126 457 or book a consult here. Book A Consultation

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