A bathroom that suits the needs of your household is sure to make your everyday routine more enjoyable. 

When the time comes to renovate your bathroom it’s important to be informed about the renovation process, including what happens at each stage and why. 

At The Inside Project we’ve created a bathroom renovation steps guide with some great tips you should know before starting your next project.

The Key to a Great Bathroom Renovation

The key to a successful bathroom renovation is to partner with professionals who are experts in their field.

There are often small spaces that require a lot packed in – a qualified bathroom designer will help you create a space that maximises functionality and incorporates your personal style. 

A bathroom renovation can take up to 6 weeks so minimising the disruption to your household is a key consideration. Using a Registered Building Practitioner like The Inside Project will ensure the project is scheduled correctly & built to standard with a 10 year warranty in place.

Essential Bathroom Renovation Steps

Step 1. Understand your Budget  

Understanding your budget is key to aligning your wish list with what is possible. Some driving factors in the cost of your renovation will be:

  • The size of your room
  • Whether the layout is changing or staying the same
  • How much tiling you prefer (all walls to the ceiling or less)
  • The type of tiles – some tiles are more costly to lay due to the degree of difficulty
  • The quality of fittings & fixtures
  • Luxuries such as underfloor heating, multiple lighting sources, custom joinery to name a few

Also remember to include a 10% contingency for unexpected costs that may arise.

Bathroom renovation fixtures

Step 2. Plan your design

This is where the fun starts. Using a tool like Pinterest is a great way to collate images of bathrooms you like and will help identify your personal style.

Understanding who the space is for is also crucial in design planning – a bathroom for children, teens & adults can all be quite different in function.

A well thought out floor plan based on who will be using the space, and when, is the first step.

Once this is in place you can start to build on the types of fittings & fixtures you wish to use.

Using a design professional is a great way to ensure all your requirements are covered in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way.

bathroom renovations design plan

Step 3. Detail your design

Having a detailed design on paper is key to the success of the project.

All the hard work is done during the planning phase and ensuring every element is documented will mean nothing is left to chance once the trades begin. This means a floorplan, elevations, a 3D if possible along with a list of all the fittings & fixtures.

Remember the saying “Fail to plan, plan to fail” !!!

bathroom renovation design

Step 4. Plan the build

Creating a complete schedule of works is really important to keep things on track and ensure the renovation is completed as quickly as possible.

Each trade should be planned in order of when they are needed onsite with dates & timeframes. You should have a good idea of your finish date once the schedule is completed but remember ……… renovating often throws up curveballs so the schedule may change during the project.

Things may need to move and delays can be experienced. But remember the end goal – it is better to take a little more time for the best result rather than rush and not be happy with the finished product.

Bathroom Renovation

Step 5. The Renovation

Exciting times – the room is stripped and we are ready to begin. Many trades are part of the bathroom renovation steps – a demolition crew, carpenter, plumber, electrician, plasterer, waterproofer, tiler, caulker, joinery installer, glazier & painter are some of the faces you will see throughout.

Using a registered building practitioner like The Inside Project, ensures all works are completed to Australian building codes with a 10 year statutory warranty. In Victoria it is actually law to use a registered builder for any works over $10,000.

bathroom renovations tiling

Step 6. Style & enjoy your new space

Make sure you treat yourself to new accessories to complete the look. Things like new towels, a plant for greenery, a laundry hamper, hand soap or candles all finish the space to a magazine worthy status.

And now finally fill the drawers & cabinets & enjoy the space.

bathroom renovation style

Get Bathroom Renovation Advice in Australia

When planning your bathroom renovation talking to design specialists is always a good place to start.
The Inside Project has over a decade of industry experience in bathroom design and renovation. Our dedicated team can guide you through the renovation process with our end to end design & build service.

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