The shaker style design has remained relatively unchanged since its inception. This is a testament to its everlasting versatility and simplicity. It is a classic style that will be popular for many years to come. When homeowners choose a shaker kitchen renovation, it’s because the minimalist aesthetic that encompasses the design can also be tailored to represent the creative flair of the individual. 

Individual design statements can be made through choices in finishes and the colours of the cabinets, cupboards and doors, as well choices regarding the handles and knobs to be paired with the design.

Shaker Kitchen + Other Styles


The cabinets and cupboards chosen determine whether the design is a shaker style kitchen. The cabinets and cupboards, alongside the doors, are the focal point of the shaker kitchen design, and will consistently reflect the “rail and stile” recessed panel style. The repetitive appearance of the shaker style doors is intended to be kept simple, but many homeowners have decided to add their own personal touches when undergoing kitchen renovations.

Whilst this style is uniform across any shaker kitchen renovation, the way in which it is accessorised is determined by the current (or future) styling of the home. For homeowners who are considering shaker kitchen designs, considerations about whether your current home décor complements or clashes with the shaker design is important.

Additionally, shaker style kitchen island plans can be personalised whilst still maintaining the classic look. Benchtop styles will be chosen as the final touch to the kitchen design, and are designed to maximise the beauty of the surrounding shaker cabinets.

The beauty of having understated shaker cupboard doors, cabinets and kitchen doors in your home, means there is a flexibility when choosing a design for your splashback.

There is the option to go bold and use the shaker style kitchen to complement the splashback, making it a stand out feature.

Alternatively, the splashback can also be simplistic in design and colour, to match the minimalist aesthetic of the shaker kitchen.

The furniture and accessories within a shaker style kitchen are chosen to accompany the shaker cabinets.

The benefit of choosing shaker cabinets in your home means that as your taste evolves, your furnishings can evolve with it, without contrasting your existing fixtures.

Shaker style kitchens allow homeowners to flourish when it comes to choosing furnishings, which is why shaker cabinets have withstood the test of time.

The flexibility when it comes to accessorising the finer details within your shaker style kitchen is one of the many bonuses of using this instantly recognisable style in your home. Whilst the decisions surrounding the finer details of your kitchen are up to your personal taste, there is consistency amongst a number of popular accessory choices. Mostly, homeowners who opt for shaker kitchens choose a minimalist style for their fixtures and fittings. As the original shaker doors have little-to-no decoration, it is common to see sinks and taps without any additional features in order to maintain the original shaker style. This is uniform with decisions made regarding stools, tables and chairs, as well as types of lighting fixtures.  Decisions surrounding the shaker style kitchen handles and knobs are more personal, and provide a unique touch to the kitchen’s overall feel and design.


We understand how important it is to have a kitchen that feels like your space and we work hard to create it. The shaker kitchen is a popular choice for a reason; it can turn a house into a home. We don’t have any recent case studies on shaker kitchens, but our variety of other kitchen projects will leave you with a strong sense of our finest work. You can find some of our work below.

Brighton Project

classic kitchen style
classic kitchen style
classic kitchen renovation
classic kitchen renovation

Newport Project

Shaker Kitchen + Other Styles
Shaker Kitchen + Other Styles
Shaker Kitchen + Other Styles
Shaker Kitchen + Other Styles


At The Inside Project, we can attest to the benefit of choosing a shaker style kitchen for your home. Its timeless and minimalistic aesthetic means you will have the flexibility of changing the furnishings and finer details as your taste develops, providing a well-loved and homely kitchen for the years to come.

The designers at The Inside Project will create your dream shaker style kitchen using a level of precision that ensures the highest quality results. Our professional nature and drive to ensure the design is cost-friendly, means our clients receive the best possible results for the best value. 

Our design team at The Inside Project are second-to-none, and will accommodate your tastes and expectations to create the perfect shaker style kitchen.

If you’re considering beginning your shaker kitchen renovation or looking for a new design, contact us on 1300 126 457 or fill out our contact form.


Our initial consultation allows us to gather all the information we need to present a concept design and budget figure. Once the concept is established the design will be developed before a pre-build site meeting is conducted to finalise the cost. Your project will be managed by our experienced site team using online tools to keep you up to date on the schedule and progress. Our goal is to make what can be a stressful and arduous process as seamless and transparent as possible.


Design Consultation

We undertake an in-depth consultation with you to develop a clear understanding of your desired project outcome. With your input, our expert designers create a concept that reflects your vision for your home and lifestyle, and integrates seamlessly with your existing structures.

Pre-build Inspection

Our experienced project manager carries out a thorough inspection of your building. This ensures that all points have been covered in preparation for the build phase of your project. Any design issues identified through this process are addressed before going ahead with the build.


Project Build

Using the highest quality materials and latest techniques, our builders skillfully translate your design into reality. Throughout this process, you’ll have access to an online schedule to track the progress of your build, as well as the guidance of a dedicated project team.


Project Handover

With the project build completed in full, we turn your newly improved space back over to you to enjoy with family and friends. Our team remains available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have during this process, ensuring your satisfaction with the finished product.