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Bathtub vs Shower?…

Bathtub vs Shower?…


There’s a lot to be said about planning ahead for a bathroom renovation.

Finishes, fixtures, tile selection, lighting, room style … a lot to choose from isn’t it?  But the most important thing that many clients ask is “Is it better to go with a bathtub or a shower?”.

Well that all depends on who is using the bathroom, what space you have available, and whether you want to go for a certain style for your bathroom.

A bathtub is great for when you have ample space available.  It could be positioned in the prime spot that is viewed first upon entry giving the whole room a ‘wow’ factor.

A generously sized curved bathtub gives a luxe, resort type feel to any bathroom and is perfect for a large size room where you have the time for a relaxing soak at the end of the day.

Hydronic heating panel with brass towel rails above in a bathroom renovation in Melbourne

A bathtub is often a request for a kids bathroom; it’s always fun to sit and watch the kiddies have a splash around at the end of a long day between sudsy shampooing and singing into the hairbrush; just leave some space for a stool for yourself to perch on and keep an eye on the fun.

A bathtub is usually sought after when it comes to sell your home too.  For some people, availability of a tub just gives more options on who can use the bathroom.

Built in bath with grey tile against a custom vanity unit with shaker style drawers in white

Maybe you don’t have the time or the inclination to sit in a tub for hours?  Well then a luxe step in shower and oversized shower head will do the trick of transporting you to a spa like experience.

Classic style Maribyrnong bathroom renovation

A large shower surrounded in marble mosaic tiles and finished with beautiful tap ware will soon have you floating to a boutique resort in no time.  Adding a tiled niche inside the shower to house beautiful lotions and shampoos, some strip lighting under the vanity,  and a subtle, relaxing space where you can wash away all the cares of the day is born.

These days, shower fixtures with 5-6 star water ratings make economical and environmental sense too.

Your older teens might not have the time to lounge around in a bathtub like when they were kids; they’ll want a quick shower in between after school activities, sports and dinner at the end of the day.

Time is of the essence when it comes to getting ready in the morning or going out at night so the shower option is a quick and efficient way to jump in get clean and hop on out to greet the day ahead.

Bathroom Renovations - The Inside Project

So effectively, choosing to go with a bathtub or shower, depends on your personal preference, the size of the room, who will be using it, and whether you want to spend a lot of time in there to feel really pampered and relaxed.

Need more advice?  Contact one of our expert designers for a chat about your options!

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