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Bathroom Renovations - The Inside Project

Bathroom Renovations Werribee

Revitalise your Werribee bathroom with The Inside Project’s expert renovation services. Leveraging our extensive experience in this charming Melbourne suburb, we offer custom solutions to transform your bathroom into an elegant and practical space, reflecting the unique appeal of Werribee’s serene atmosphere.


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Professional Designers

Award winning designers to create the perfect bathroom for your home

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Fully managed service

End to end design & build to ensure everything is covered

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10 year warranty

Qualified & registered trades with 
a 10 year warranty

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Registered Builders

VBA Domestic Builder CDB-L 51301 
& Members of HIA, MBAV & KBDi

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20+ years experience

A dedicated project manager to guide every step of the process

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A live online project schedule & digital milestone sign offs to keep you informed along the way

Bathroom FAQ’s

In Werribee, homeowners often gravitate towards spacious, light-filled designs that merge modernity with comfort. The preference is towards durable, low-maintenance materials that stand up to the local climate, with a growing interest in sustainable solutions. Adding a local flair, there’s a trend to integrate outdoor elements, reflecting Werribee’s love for natural landscapes and open spaces. These choices are tailored to complement the area’s mix of newer developments and classic homes.

A standard bathroom renovation in Werribee usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks. This timeframe can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the design, the size of the bathroom, and the inclusion of custom features. We also consider the time needed for obtaining permits and approvals, especially in areas with specific building or environmental regulations.

Werribee has its set of guidelines for renovations, particularly in environmentally sensitive or historically significant areas. Our team is skilled in complying with these regulations, ensuring renovations align with Werribee’s community standards. This includes considerations for environmental impact, aligning with local architectural styles, and using appropriate materials.

Our renovation approach in Werribee aims to harmoniously blend with the local architectural styles, enriching them with modern functionality. Whether it’s a contemporary home or a classic dwelling, we tailor our designs to augment the property’s original charm while infusing modern amenities in a respectful manner. Our goal is to create a bathroom that is both contemporary and harmoniously integrated with the home’s style.

To minimise disruption, we practice efficient and clean work methods. Our team works during convenient hours, ensures daily clean-up, and uses measures to contain dust and debris. Regular updates and clear timelines are provided for better planning around the renovation period.

Our design consultants offer personalised sessions to assist in selecting materials and designs that align with your preferences and budget. We guide you through a variety of options, from timeless classics to modern trends, and advise on materials best suited for Werribee’s environment and your lifestyle. Assistance with sourcing unique, high-quality materials from local vendors is also provided.

Bathroom Renovations - The Inside Project

The benefits of renovating two rooms at once

Renovating two rooms simultaneously in Werribee is not only cost-effective but also a strategic design choice.

This approach ensures a unified style and functionality throughout your home, reflecting Werribee’s harmonious blend of modern and traditional designs. It allows for a consistent aesthetic, optimizes resource usage, and reduces overall disruption, making it an excellent option for the dynamic households of Werribee.


Bathroom Renovations - The Inside Project

Things to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom in Werribee

When planning a bathroom renovation in Hoppers Crossing, it’s important to reflect the suburb’s blend of serene residential life and contemporary vibrancy. Choose durable materials suited to Melbourne’s weather while capturing Hoppers Crossing’s suburban essence.

Adhering to local building codes is crucial, ensuring your renovation not only complies with regulations but also enhances the individuality of your home.


Kitchen Renovations - The Inside Project


A separate renovation of your kitchen 
& bathroom can be approximately 12 weeks versus a combined renovation being around 6 weeks.

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Some savings can be made by combining tasks to minimise call out fees & visits and reduce product delivery & set up costs.

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Design Flow

Some savings can be made by combining tasks to minimise call out fees & visits and reduce product delivery & set up costs.

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If you are making a mess you might as well make a big one! Have everything managed in one project and start enjoying your new spaces sooner.

Considerations When Renovating Your Bathroom in Werribee

When planning a bathroom renovation in Werribee, it’s important to consider a blend of the suburb’s serene character and modern conveniences in your design.

Choose materials that withstand Melbourne’s weather while complementing the suburban charm of Werribee. Understanding and adhering to local building codes, especially in areas with specific environmental or historical significance, is crucial for a successful renovation that enhances your home’s unique appeal.


Bathroom Renovations - The Inside Project

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