Contemporary kitchens are a response to the rapidly changing needs of people, their lifestyles and the broader environment, expressing the spirit of the current time. The term does not point to a specific style, but rather a design sensibility that’s firmly rooted in the present, with a finger on the pulse across a range of elements. These include innovations in materials, new technologies in appliances and devices, and eco-conscious inclusions, along with the latest styling trends. 

While it borrows elements from classic, modern and industrial styles, the defining characteristic of contemporary kitchen design is its focus on the present with a view to the future. In other words, it draws on established concepts without allowing convention to limit the possibilities. 

Contemporary Kitchen


Contemporary kitchen furniture is often distinguished by how it fits into the space. Innovative shapes and configurations enhance overall space efficiency, inspired by a demand for clever solutions for small spaces (such as in apartments). 

Most contemporary homes feature an open plan design, with the kitchen flowing into informal dining and living zones, and even outdoor areas. This translates to a mixing of utilitarian, comfortable and decorative elements, with glass, metal and stone sharing space with warmer wood and soft furnishings – for example, in the form of seating. 

In the contemporary kitchen, cabinets and cupboards are designed to provide easily accessible storage that makes the most of available space. Typically, cabinets are smoothly integrated with appliances for a clutter-free look, and have minimal detailing that even extends to concealed handles.

Contemporary cabinetry can include features such as touch-to-open doors, cupboards with internal drawers for improved pantry access, under-cabinet lighting to maximise the utility of bench space, and even pop-up power points/USB ports.

Sleek, glossy glass is the go-to material for the contemporary kitchen backsplash. Whether minimalist white, mirror-like black or coloured in a statement hue, glass offers an easy-wipe surface along with a clean, streamlined look.

Tiles are another splashback option for contemporary kitchens. From neat grids in a neutral palette to geometric arrangements in statement colours, the options are limited only by your imagination.

While ‘sleek and streamlined’ is the order of the day, many contemporary kitchens play against this by incorporating a statement fixture or two – for example, a sculptural light fitting, a contrasting pop of colour, unexpected use of materials, or eye-catching hardware. 

Clean white and warm wood finishes create a sense of light and space in small kitchens. At the other end of the spectrum, tones such as charcoal and slate are popular for creating a neutral yet visually striking effect that is a sleek depaturne from the traditional.


Williamstown Project

contemporary kitchen
contemporary kitchen design
contemporary kitchen design
contemporary kitchen design


Newport Project

contemporary kitchen
contemporary kitchen
contemporary kitchen
contemporary kitchen


Essendon Project

contemporary style kitchen
contemporary style kitchen
contemporary style kitchen
contemporary style kitchen


With so many options available for contemporary kitchen renovations, it’s worth choosing the right team for the job. The Inside Project brings together a high level of expertise and industry knowledge with extensive installation experience to deliver cutting-edge kitchens that don’t compromise on quality.

At The Inside Project, we see beyond trends to what you need from your home in the long term. Through forward-looking design and high quality fitouts, we deliver kitchens that meet the demands of your day-to-day life.

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Our initial consultation allows us to gather all the information we need to present a concept design and budget figure. Once the concept is established the design will be developed before a pre-build site meeting is conducted to finalise the cost. Your project will be managed by our experienced site team using online tools to keep you up to date on the schedule and progress. Our goal is to make what can be a stressful and arduous process as seamless and transparent as possible.



Design Consultation

We undertake an in-depth consultation with you to develop a clear understanding of your desired project outcome. With your input, our expert designers create a concept that reflects your vision for your home and lifestyle, and integrates seamlessly with your existing structures.



Pre-build Inspection

Our experienced project manager carries out a thorough inspection of your building. This ensures that all points have been covered in preparation for the build phase of your project. Any design issues identified through this process are addressed before going ahead with the build.



Project Build

Using the highest quality materials and latest techniques, our builders skillfully translate your design into reality. Throughout this process, you’ll have access to an online schedule to track the progress of your build, as well as the guidance of a dedicated project team.



Project Handover

With the project build completed in full, we turn your newly improved space back over to you to enjoy with family and friends. Our team remains available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have during this process, ensuring your satisfaction with the finished product.