Q. What you should consider before coming and seeing us?

We are here to help you – so you don’t need to know too much. However, the main info we will ask you is:
  • What room/s are you wanting to renovate?
  • Do you have ideas about the style & design you’d like your new space to be?
  • When do you want to renovate?
  • Do you know the current costs for room renovations and does your budget match this?

Q. Can I use my friend to do the electrical/plumbing/etc?

Yes you can – however, we cannot provide a warranty or management for trades you provide. We are a registered building company and provide a managed service with a 10-year warranty.

Q. Do you get trade discount?

Yes, through our extensive list of suppliers we aim to get you the best price we can for the job.

Q. Can we buy the products ourselves?

Yes, you are more than welcome to buy your own products, we are happy to provide just the trades and project management service.

Q. How long does the whole process take?

From the IHC (In-Home Consultation) the designer will return to present your new design and quote within 10 business days.
Once we present your new design and you give the go-ahead to proceed we then undertake a building inspection. This is where we return with one of our project managers to confirm all the trade works. You and your designer will then confirm all the products, and your designer will put together all the contract documents for you. This process can take around 2-3 weeks, depending on the size of the job and the number of elements to refine.
Once we receive a signed contract back from you, the job will commence at least 4 weeks from that date, depending on product lead times, and depending on the schedule of our project teams.
As for the build duration: a bathroom needs 4-5 weeks, a kitchen 5-6 weeks (if it’s a stone benchtop), and any larger jobs on multiple rooms that require wall movement, flooring, or painting (to name a few) are around 7-8 weeks.

Q. Do you offer finance?

Yes we do. Whilst we are not a finance company, we have a team of specialists whom we work with to provide you with the most suitable & competitive options. See more about Renopay

Q. How much does a kitchen cost? How much does a bathroom cost?

Kitchens are mostly made up of product (cabinetry, benchtops, appliances) whilst bathrooms are typically more trade heavy. Experience tells us that the median cost for a mid-sized, mid-range kitchen, excluding appliances but including stone benchtops & trades will start at circa $25k. Bathrooms from around $30k. Having said that – our aim is to give you the best possible solution within the budget you have. We can quickly determine if your budget matches your wants.

Q. Can I live there during the renovation?

You absolutely can, however, if there is the opportunity to have alternative accommodation or even to take a holiday, we do recommend it. Renovations are messy, & disruptive, and there is no way around it. Who wants to live without a kitchen or bathroom or both for a month or more?

Q. What are the payments terms?

Building law states we can request only a 5% deposit if the project value is over $20k, or a 10% deposit if the project value is under $20k.
From there, we will ask for a deposit on any products to be ordered, and progress payments based on the site work completed.
Progress payments are linked to stage inspections, and final payment is made once you are 100% satisfied with the works completed.

Q. Can I do the demolition myself?

Absolutely, demolition or painting are an example of some items you could look after.  We just need to ensure it is completed correctly & as per the project schedule to allow the next trades to commence their work.

Q. How do I go about getting building permits, engineering etc?

We have engineers & building surveyors whom we can recommend for you to engage directly. They will conduct their own site visits and advise on the specific requirements for your project.

Q. Do you manage everything or do I have to do some of it?

We manage absolutely everything unless you supply your own trades. All trades contracted by us fall under our umbrella of management, and our warranty.

Q. What if I have my own builder?

The Inside Project is an end to end design & build service so unfortunately, we don’t do design only.

Q. Can we do our renovation over a few stages?

If you want to get your kitchen done and then your bathroom and then the ensuite, instead of all at the same time – this can be done, but it does cost a little more. If we are doing the complete renovation at the same time, it is fewer call outs for our project manager & trades which equals less cost to you.