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Top 3 Bathroom Trends 2024

Top 3 Bathroom Trends 2024


As current bathroom trends 2024 continue to evolve, we are often asked about what is in style, but also what will not date too quickly.

A quality bathroom renovation should last a long time, so it’s essential to avoid trend traps that you might regret later. Keep reading to discover the top Australian bathroom ideas we incorporate in our latest designs.

3 Bathroom Trends 2024

1. Organic Shapes & Textures

After many years of minimal bathroom décor, a move towards softer colours, textures & shapes has emerged. Think natural stone bathroom tiles, soft-coloured mosaics, terrazzo tiles, marble vanity tops and timber joinery.

This bathroom trend has the timeless feel of European bathrooms in a uniquely Australian way. Even glass has moved towards a more textured feel with reeded and textured versions stepping into the vernacular.

Curves are also not going anywhere fast.  A curved bathroom wall could add flow to a large space or create an interesting-shaped shower.  As a smaller nod to this trend a curved bathroom mirror, a curved bathroom vanity or a round light fixture can add softness to your design.

Remember, a bathroom has many hard surfaces, so softening it with materials, colours, and shapes will create an interesting space and add a natural feel to the bathroom.

2. Bathroom Lighting

Gone are the days when central downlights were the only light source – bathroom lighting has evolved significantly for the better. Modern bathroom design should employ multiple light sources to create a space with depth that is pleasant to use.

Task lighting

It’s crucial to get this right to avoid working in shadow. A direct light source is necessary, such as a ceiling light directed in front of the face, an LED bathroom mirror with built-in lighting, or wall lights on either side of the mirror.

Mood lighting

Bathroom mood lighting is equally important as task lighting. You don’t always need bright light and often don’t want it.  Imagine relaxing in that beautiful new bath with a downlight shining straight into your eyes!!

Consider bathroom wall lights that wash upwards and highlight the tiles, concealed LED lighting under the vanity unit or strip lighting in a ceiling recess are all perfect for creating soft bathroom light. Remember to plan the switching so different light sources can be used independently.

Bathroom Trends 2024

3. Tapware Metals

Think back several decades and bathroom tapware colours and materials were quite varied. We then moved into a space where chrome metal was the only choice in bathroom tapware.

Thankfully we have moved past this to a space where bathroom trends now allow tapware to be as much of a hero in the design as the tiles. Selecting a colour that compliments your tile colour is important – not every metal suits every colour.

Cooler tones such as chrome, brushed nickel or gunmetal are quite timeless and work with most tones. 

Wall niche with mitred edges in Castello Silver Fox tile in our Balwyn bathroom renovation

Warm metal tones, copper, gold, bronze and brass bathroom tapware, are seen to be more of an ‘on-trend’ choice but these materials have been used in bathroom design for many years. They often give a more organic or rustic feel.

And then we move to coloured tapware. Black and white bathroom tapware can be striking against an opposing or matching colour tile. Some designs even employ bright colours, such as orange or blue, to add a pop of colour.

Close up of vanity & oval mirror cabinet in Yarraville bathroom renovation

Let’s Talk

As bathroom trends 2024 continue to evolve, it’s essential to strike a balance between contemporary style and timeless elegance. Organic shapes, innovative lighting, and diverse tapware options can transform your bathroom into a modern yet enduring space. By incorporating these trends thoughtfully, you can create a bathroom that not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time.

Ready to update your bathroom with the latest trends? Contact us today to start your renovation journey and bring your dream bathroom to life!

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