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Bathroom Renovations - The Inside Project

Bathroom Renovations Yarraville.

With our extensive experience in the charming suburb of Yarraville, The Inside Project offers customised bathroom renovations Yarraville solutions.

We focus on creating elegant and practical spaces that reflect Yarraville’s distinct personality, combining modern living with the suburb’s traditional essence.

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Professional Designers

Award winning designers to create the perfect bathroom for your home

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Fully managed service

End to end design & build to ensure everything is covered

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10 year warranty

Qualified & registered trades with 
a 10 year warranty

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Registered Builders

VBA Domestic Builder CDB-L 51301 
& Members of HIA, MBAV & KBDi

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20+ years experience

A dedicated project manager to guide every step of the process

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A live online project schedule & digital milestone sign offs to keep you informed along the way

Bathroom FAQ’s

In Yarraville, residents often opt for elegant, minimalist designs that blend functionality with style. There is a growing trend towards sustainable materials and energy-efficient fixtures, resonating with the suburb’s environmental awareness. The incorporation of natural elements like timber and stone is popular, creating a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. These trends are shaped by Yarraville’s eclectic mix of historic and modern architecture.

A standard bathroom renovation in Yarraville usually takes between 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the project’s complexity. Custom features, the bathroom’s size, and detailed designs can extend this timeline. Our team also allocates time for acquiring the necessary permits and approvals, particularly in areas with unique local building codes.

Yarraville has particular guidelines for renovations, especially in heritage-conservation areas. These regulations ensure renovations respect the suburb’s historical and architectural heritage. Our team is experienced in complying with these rules, including maintaining characteristic façade details, adhering to height restrictions, and selecting materials that complement the local streetscape.

Our renovation approach in Yarraville is to harmonise with existing architectural styles while introducing modern functionality. Whether it’s a classic Edwardian home, a post-war bungalow, or a new-build, our designs aim to respect and enhance the original character of your property. We strive to create bathrooms that are both contemporary and respectful of the home’s history.

To minimise disturbance during renovations, we maintain efficient, clean work practices. Work is scheduled at convenient times, with daily clean-up and dust containment measures. Regular updates and clear timelines are provided, allowing you to plan around the renovation.

Our design experts provide personalised consultations to select materials and designs that align with your preferences and budget. We offer a variety of styles, from classic to modern, and advise on materials suitable for Yarraville’s climate and your specific needs. Assistance with sourcing unique, high-quality materials from local suppliers is also provided.

Bathroom Renovations - The Inside Project

The Benefits of Renovating Two Rooms at Once in Yarraville

Renovating multiple rooms simultaneously in Yarraville is both cost-effective and a smart design choice.

It allows for consistent style and functionality throughout your home, reflecting Yarraville’s fusion of historic charm and contemporary living.

This approach ensures a unified aesthetic, optimises resource use, and reduces overall disruption, making it a preferred choice for Yarraville’s vibrant and diverse community.


Bathroom Renovations - The Inside Project
Kitchen Renovations - The Inside Project


A separate renovation of your kitchen 
& bathroom can be approximately 12 weeks versus a combined renovation being around 6 weeks.

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Some savings can be made by combining tasks to minimise call out fees & visits and reduce product delivery & set up costs.

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Design Flow

Some savings can be made by combining tasks to minimise call out fees & visits and reduce product delivery & set up costs.

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If you are making a mess you might as well make a big one! Have everything managed in one project and start enjoying your new spaces sooner.

Things to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom in Yarraville

When planning a bathroom renovation in Yarraville, it’s crucial to consider the suburb’s blend of historical charm and modern appeal. ‘

Choose durable materials that withstand Melbourne’s varied climate while complementing Yarraville’s urban aesthetic.

Understanding and adhering to local building regulations, especially in areas with heritage significance, is essential to ensure your renovation meets legal requirements and enhances the unique character of your home.

Bathroom Renovations - The Inside Project

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