Values, Vision and Mission

Why The Inside Project?

The Inside Project are a family, when you renovate with us you become a part of the family. Our team of designers and trades are highly qualified and good people, ensuring that everyone in your home throughout the renovation treats it as if it was their own.

The Inside Project is a nationally recognised business that produces Award Winning Designs. When renovating with The Inside Project you will be delighted with the level of service from start to finish.


To be Australia’s leading interior design and renovation brand.


Enhance individuals well being by creating beautiful spaces for them to live in


Our values are excellence, professionalism, service quality, value for money and done with a smile. We work with integrity. And always move forward with a plan!

We have 5 core values that drive us in business:

1. 5 Stars are just the beginning

We actively build The Inside Project’s brand and create raving fans.
We take initiative and think outside the square.
We are ambassadors for the brand in and out of work.
We ask for feedback and use it to improve our service

2. Create Genuine Relationships

We respect difference and celebrate the diversity it brings to the team.
We take time for each other and help build the team’s performance.
We give supportive feedback to aid personal development.

3. Create Ideas and Seek Solutions

We don’t accept things as they are if we believe they can be done better.
We find time to identify and remove obstacles.
We provide ideas that can be used for improvements.
We thrive in a changing environment.

4. Walk in the Customer’s Shoes

We always consider the impact on the customer.
We base decisions on what is best for the long-term success of the business.
We build trust with our clients and keep them informed regardless of the situation.

5. Inspire others with high performance

We show consistent strong performance to build confidence with our colleagues.
We focus on results using data.
We make decisions with confidence.
We accept failure as a growth opportunity.