Who do I need for a Bathroom Renovation?

It’s so exciting selecting the design for your bathroom or ensuite renovation, and before you know it it will be time to start on site.  But do you know who will attend your site when the schedule begins?

You might think you will only need a plumber and a tiler right? Not quite…Let’s run through which trades you can expect in your home when you start renovating your bathroom or ensuite?

Day one will see a Plumber and Electrician attend site to disconnect services (water, plumbing, power points, lights,) to the area ready for the Demolition crew who will commence with the demolition of the existing room.  Old tiles and fittings, taps, shower screens, tubs, lighting etc, will be removed and you will be left with an empty room ready to begin the reno.   The Project Manager assigned to your project will also be there in the morning to make sure everything goes to plan. If you have floorboards or carpet in an area that provides access to the new bathroom, it will be covered with floor protection.  A Site Start inspection will be made and a set of drawings will be left on site for all the trades to use.

The next work needing to be done might require some carpentry work.  Perhaps a shower niche or shelf needs to be fixed to studs or noggins or a door needs to move across the wall – this work will be done by your Carpenter. The plumber and electrician will return to ‘rough in’ the new electrical wires, switches and drainage pipes that require to be updated according to your new design. A Plasterer will arrive a few days later to fix new sheeting on the walls where niches or shelves in the shower have been constructed. Perhaps you have a hob which requires your new bath tub to be placed into?



Once the room and new dimensions take shape you will be able to see where the new shower floor is situated. If it is a step in shower, this area needs to be waterproofed by a licensed Waterproofer.  The waterproofer has the very important job of applying the waterproofing membrane expertly so that there are no leaks underneath the tiles.  Once completed and drying time allowed, it’s time for tiling to commence.

A tiler will arrive on site to begin with laying out and cutting of floor and wall tiles according to the design you have approved with your designer. Perhaps you chose a herringbone pattern for the wall tiles, or subway, or brick pattern for the laying of the tiles; the tiler will complete the tiling accordingly.  Next the plumber & electrician will return to fit off fixtures like toilet, bathtub, vanity basin, taps, shower head, lighting, heated towel rails and power points. Measurements will be taken by the Showerscreen Supplier for your new screen which needs to be ordered separately at this time.

Nearly in the home stretch… a Painter would be required to finish up with painting the ceiling or some wall space above the tiles or new door if needed.  At this time the carpenter might return to finish off door handles, door stops or perhaps wall hooks or shelves that go with your design.  Your Designer will attend site to see the finished look and consult with your project manager to ensure that everything goes to plan throughout the build also.


Wow, you can see how there’s plenty of people coming and going once a renovation starts.  With an experienced team at the helm, everything is brought together sequentially and documented on our online scheduling platform for all parties to read and follow.  If you’re deliberating about getting your bathroom or ensuite project on track, give our experienced designers a call and let’s see how we can design something for your space and your lifestyle soon.