How to plan for stress free Christmas Cook-Off?

1. Plan

Start making that list, gifts, food, decorations, table-setting, these all go to making your day
easier when you know in advance what you already have in stock and have purchased.

2. Gift List

Make that list and check it twice. Making sure you’ve got even a small gift for everyone
that’s coming along on Christmas day will make everyone feel welcome and loved and goes
to creating the ambience of the day.

3. Start Shopping with catalogues

The store catalogues will be coming in thick and fast covering everything from Christmas
ham, turkey’s, crockery, drinks, tablecloths and centerpieces. Take advantage of these and
start filling the shopping cart with things that you will need on the day. Store in pantry an
keep aside for xmas morning.

4. Prepare meals before the day

Freezing veggies, or sauces, or dips and pre-making desserts a few days before hand, will
certainly, free up your time on the morning of the big day.

5. Something other than traditional

Roasting a turkey on a 38degree day sometimes isn’t the most calming thing to do. Go with
something different and modern this year- go outdoors. Setting up an alfresco area for
dining on the big day, enables the noise and mess to be kept outside, while you keep inside
relatively calm and relaxed.

6. Delegate

Enlist your guests to get involved – someone for the barbeque, someone for the drinks
station, someone to arrange everyone around the table. Keeping guests involved will make
for a fun day of mingling.

7. Outsource with caterers

Go all out and outsource the cooking and serving to professional caterers! They’ll organize
the menu, make sure everything looks good, plate the food, serve it up, top up drinks, and
clean up when they leave at the end of the day … leaving you to relax and enjoy being the
hostess with the mostest.

Above all, just enjoy the day with your loved ones, wear something gorgeous and get ready
for laughter and squeals of delight from the kids as they unwrap the presents first thing.