Kitchen Trends 2021

A beautiful kitchen makes the home; it’s a reflection of the household and the hub of family life.  Where entertainers meet and greet, where hungry kids are fed, where homework and puzzles are worked out and where thanks is given.  It’s a communal arena for the modern world… and with the amount of time we’ve all spent at home lately, we’ve found that kitchens are all about style and functionality for everyday use and ease.  Here are some of the edited trends that we think will continue to be prominent in kitchens for 2021.





Marble, stone, composite materials… there is something to be said for the natural effect of stone in a kitchen.  An expanse of neutral toned stone benchtop that carries itself up to a splashback elevates a kitchen to give a seamless finish.  Hues of stone, pebble, smoke grey’s and marbles with rich veiny details, these serve to bring the outdoors inside.  The rawness of stone is retained within the palette, but the honed finish brings refinement and elegance to any kitchen.  Of course, this allows also for the connection of living spaces outdoors to be connected to the indoor space through the use of extending bench tops, or continuing tiled flooring outside giving a seamless, clean look.




The softness and earthiness of timber finishes on cabinetry or benches, add a lovely dimension and depth to a kitchen area.  Gorgeous tones of walnut and mid-toned ash, send a serene and comforting effect and sit beautifully alongside the intricacy of a veiny marble or granite stone top.  Think natural tones of the forest bringing a sense of freshness into your home.




From brights, to pastels and all the way through to mysterious blacks, colourful cabinetry is setting up as a style on the rise.  Where once we were viewing all white palettes, the use of colours in a kitchen space give one’s individual statement and make it personal.  Deep blues, soft pastels, and black all play a part in allowing your space to be curated by your personal style.  The inclusion of coloured cabinets, artisan tiled splash backs, artwork, colourful pots, vases, dishes, and of course greenery, all work to bring a sense of the creative process which is synonymous with cooking itself.  After all, we are all creatives in the kitchen.




Having a special spot sitting alongside the kitchen cabinetry that serves as bench seating, open shelving or a study nook is really the effect we are all after.  Dual purposing an area gives you multiple options and efficiency of use.  As we’ve seen last year, what would once be just another cabinet, now is seen as an ideal space for that neat desk area to work from, or bench seating which is ideal for space saving alongside a dining table area.  Always keep your options open!




Hidden accessories for kitchens include pullout mechanisms where space saving is required, task lighting under cabinets, specialty sized cutlery drawers, handles and hidden doors.  Where handles are chosen these are simple & neutral in man made options of leather finishes or wooden hues.  Where options call for integrated appliances, cabinets appear seamless and clean offering access to the contents within with push/touch mechanisms, or blind finger pulls that sit flush with the edge of a drawer or door.  Strip lighting/task lighting is added under above height cabinetry for added lighting in corners or even to add some mood lighting.  Wall sconces also set the tone for ambient lighting when dining.  Subtlety is the key here.




Where space allows, calling for a kitchen design with a pantry is the ideal way to add extra bench space, more cabinetry, include a hidden laundry perhaps, add a wine fridge, hook up another flat screen and then close the door and keep everything out of sight.  In the blink of an eye, the preparation area is invisible, allowing you to showcase a neat, orderly kitchen to your guests on their arrival.   Keeping the business end of cooking out of the way, the pantry is the cook’s new best friend.