Is it time to renovate my bathroom?

How do you know it’s the time to renovate your bathroom?

Most often, it’s when the household outgrow the old cumbersome layout, or when the atmosphere seems too draughty, cold and uninviting.  Sometimes it’s when the cracked tiles just seem to stand out that much more but usually when you’ve had enough of cold toes when you step on those freezing tiles in the morning.  That’s when most people start thinking about a better bathroom solution.

Anytime is the right time to renovate your bathroom, as it is an ‘interior’ project and relatively easy to organise, but did you know Winter is a popular time? – Here are few things to think about when you’re in planning stage.

Underfloor heating – the most effective way to heat a bathroom during winter is installing underfloor heating.  No more of those freezing toes when you wake up in the morning – setting the underfloor heating on a timer will have the effect of warming the tiles ready for when you are starting the day.  Stepping on nice warm tiles beats cold dated tiles hands down.  Planning ahead at design stage to include underfloor heating is an everyday luxury for your toes, and one thing that most people go for!

Heated towel rails – Do your towels just never seem dry or warm enough when you reach for them in the morning?  It’s time for heated towel rails.   Heated towel rails will be able to radiate some heat to slightly warm a bathroom to a distinguishable level.  Of course it depends on how big the towel rail is, and how much space is in the bathroom.  Lovely warm, fresh, fluffy towels each time is a win-win situation we say.

Ample Shower – These there are so many options for shower heads, whether they are fixed or moving.  An overhead, oversized rain shower head gives you a beautiful spa like feeling each and every time.   A moving shower head can also be used in a family bathroom especially easy to get the growing kids nice and clean.

Large format tiles – Apart from being a breeze to clean with least amount of grout lines to distract, large format tiles add to the seamless look of a space making it appear larger and more roomy, perfect for the smaller sized bathrooms.

Lighting – The placement of overhead lights, or task lighting add to the mood and style of a bathroom.  Focussing on the ‘colour’ of the globe will also add a warmth or cooling factor to the space.  Warm toned globes will influence just that – a warmth, a cocoon-like feeling, whereas cool toned globes will open up a space imbuing a modern and slick aesthetic.

Wooden finishes – Aside from the aesthetic look of a warm timber finish for cabinetry/vanity units, wooden finishes are warmer to touch overall rather than painted or stone finishes with raw, natural quality of timber lending a softness and warmth to any space.

Good insulation – It goes without saying the the preparation of a space before the finishes and fixtures are installed is super important for creating a sealed, well insulated room that will keep out the cold, any draughts or unwanted breezes.  Brrrr.  Selecting an experienced and qualified registered builder like The Inside Project ensures quality workmanship, expertise and the creativity to develop solutions that deliver in the long term while adding measurable value to your home.

No matter how small, impractical or challenging your current bathroom may be, The Inside Project can transform it into a functional, beautiful and fully integrated space. Speak to our team to find out more about how we can bring your dream bathroom to life and help you keep warm this winter with our June ‘Under floor Heating’ Offer.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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