How long does it take to do a bathroom makeover?

OK, so you have been dreaming about a new bathroom. New tiles, good water pressure, having a big deep bath, that you can soak in (and forget about the piles of washing and the million emails you need to get to). But then you think to yourself, How crazy will my life be? How long will this blissful bathroom makeover take to install?

We got our award winning design inner circle together to run through the question How long does it take to complete your bathroom makeover? And what should you expect after you have decided what bathroom you want?

We work with you to design your bathroom and our team will do an excellent job of ensuring you get the bathroom you want and you are looked after the entire way.

Day one of the project is underway…

  • The demolition of that old grey bathtub and old grubby surrounding tiles will happen on day one.  There will be dust, there will be noise. But by the end of it, the room will be a blank canvas ready for the rebuild.
  • Any moving of plumbing outlets will happen next; although you can’t see all this specific work being done, it is the most important part as it forms the framework of the design. All drains and water outlets need to be positioned in the correct spot now without error so that we don’t have to remove walls, or floors or new tiles down the track and start again.  The electrician will also visit and rough in any new wiring for that gorgeous designer pendant or task lighting that you purchased.
  • Plastering and flooring will be re installed to enable a straight, clean base on which to tile on.  The waterproofer will do his thing, by applying a waterproof membrane to the wet area at after this.  The membrane needs suitable time to dry before the tiler comes on board.
  • The tiler will now be ready to lay down the tiles; he’ll cut these to suit any corners or nib walls if applicable, to make the area really come together.  Make sure you have communicated which way you want your tile to be laid before now. By the end of the tiling, and after the grouting is applied and dried, you will get a sense of the space and size of the room and it will really come together – it’ll be exciting.


The home stretch …
  • The plumber will return and fit off your taps and shower head.  He will connect your bathtub, and basin. The electrician will connect the pendant lighting above the vanity. Wow!
  • Having cleaned up at the end of each day along the way, we will give the space another clean before we finish up.
  • Imagine coming home after work one day and all the taps are connected and you have a usable luxurious new bathroom to enjoy.

Planning for the best outcome:

Here are our top 3 tips make the experience easier on you and your family

  1. There will be  steady stream of tradies and delivery guys come and go through the house during the duration of your project.   Remove small furniture from the hallways and any valuable rugs or artwork you have hanging there so that there is easy access to the bathroom area.  The Inside Project team endeavour to keep their work area neat and tidy whilst they’re on site, but it’s best to be safe by moving things away from the entry/exit points.
  2. If you are worried about your pets.  Book them a holiday or book them into a pet hotel; they’ll enjoy the break and they won’t be over-excited with all the movement and noise going on during the renovation.
  3. Some houses have an ensuite , or 2nd bathroom, if this is the case, awesome.  If not, you could consider hiring a bathroom which is situated on the property whilst works are carried out.  If not, if you have a close friend as a neighbour that would let you use their bathroom a few times while the tiling and fit off is completed and you can use your gorgeous new space.


Let’s have a chat… book in a consultation.

It’s a wrap

Treat yourself with some luxurious towels, add a wooden stool and decorate with a bit of greenery and luxe body products.  Voila… your new bathroom is ready to use and admire.

So to answer the question, how long does it take to do a bathroom makeover?’  The planning stages can take as little as 4 weeks – to as long as 6 months, depending on an array of things such as finance, your available time, deciding on designs. What ever the timeframe it takes, we will hold your hand and provide you with heartfelt, expert service.

Once the planning stages have been done, and we bring in the team to install your new bathroom – it usually takes between  28 -36 days or 4- 6 weeks..  Think how fast the last 6 weeks have gone.  Now imagine if you had a been the proud owner of a fresh, new clean bathroom at the end of it?