Does Renovating Your Kitchen Add Value To Your Home?

‘Should I renovate a kitchen before I sell?’ is a question we often get… and we believe, if you want to achieve a favourable sale price, you certainly need to make sure the key zones in your home are looking their best.

The kitchen is the most anticipated room of a home at auction and we know that ‘kitchens sell homes’, so all thought and care should be put into planning, budgeting, designing and managing a kitchen renovation with experienced builders you can trust.

We all know that feeling when you walk into an Open for Inspection listing and arrive at the hub of the home to see a brilliant kitchen renovation.

It captures our imagination, we immediately see the beauty in the finishes and the layout and we want to move in pronto!



Well, investing in your own kitchen, will have the same affect to the next generation of home owners.   Even if you don’t intent to sell up any time soon, a new, freshly renovated kitchen will always stand the test of time- and besides you and your family can get some good use and fun memories from the newly renovated space too.




With considered attention to layout, finishes and textures, colour palette, appliances and functionality – your new expertly designed kitchen renovation will have family and friends alike wanting to visit and stay longer just to get the most out of a beautifully designed space.

We’ve said it before, ‘The kitchen is the heart of the home’, it pulls at the heartstrings, so why not make this investment into something that you know will be a clear winner come auction time.

If you want to get some more information on how your kitchen can be renovated and add value to your home, now or in the near future, chat to one of our experienced designers today.