11 points to consider when renovating a bathroom

1. Budget

The first thing to think about when contemplating a new bathroom renovation is how much money are you willing to spend. Consider what you really want to have in your new luxe bathroom and what you can do without, or what you can purchase at a lower price that has a similar look. If you can’t stretch your budget too far, think about keeping the fixtures in the bathroom in the same location so that plumbing & electrical adjustments are kept to a minimum, thereby keeping costs down.

2. Project Management & Tradespeople

Engaging only with professional and experienced tradespeople will keep your mind at ease when it comes to the keeping the project on schedule and within budget. At The Inside Project, we work with experienced tradespeople that have been contracting with us for several years. Thorough, honest, methodical and organised our tradies will communicate with the client and with the project manager to keep your project moving along every step of the way.

3. Layout

Consider the size of your room and imagine where the flow of traffic will be best suited for the space available. Most bathrooms have limited space, so having fixtures placed against one wall will have greater sense of spaciousness and easy flow. Always have a focal point when entering a bathroom, either a luscious bathtub, or a gorgeous tiled wet area, as this will be the first thing that people will see when they enter.

4. Design

With the help from a design professional, you can bring together your vision to perfectly sit within your home. A designer can confirm whether the designated space for your bathroom renovation will fit that 2 metre round luxury bathtub or whether you will be able to get more storage out of the room. A qualified designer will help to guide you and edit your ideas so that you attain an effortless flow throughout the house.

5. Function

Think about who will be using this bathroom; if it’s for a family, you will need ample storage whether in cupboards, shelving or behind that mirrored cabinet. If it’s a kids only bathroom, invest in that massive tub and a gorgeous stool for you to sit on while the kids splash about. If it’s just for two, then think luxe, pampering and spa-like for a relaxing experience with a double shower area and mood lighting.

6. Heating / Ventilation

Don’t skimp on heating in bathrooms; consider panel heating if the space is tight or hydronic heating which could be a feature in a classic style bathroom. Alternatively, investing in underfloor heating will allow you that added luxury when you step on warm tiles on those cold winters’ mornings.

7. Tiles

With a myriad of tile textures, shapes, sizes and finishes, you could be forgiven for procrastinating when choosing your tiles. Ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, encaustic, handmade, laying them vertically, horizontally or on angle, and every colour under the sun – speaking to a design professional at The Inside Project will help to guide you through the array of styles and shapes on offer.

8. Lighting

You will need ample lighting in a bathroom as a light, bright bathroom promotes the look of cleanliness and freshness. Skylights angled over shower/bath areas let the natural light stream in from above, or a large floor to ceiling window with louvered panels opening to a small internal courtyard give a gorgeous resort feel with ample cross ventilation. Cluster pendants or a feature hand-blown glass pendant above the vanity will add a special touch to the room.

9. Storage

A bathroom with ample storage will help to keep everything in order and keep the mess at bay. Vanity cabinets with inbuilt drawers or shelves are the perfect place for towels and hairdryers. Small niches in the shower wall or above a bathtub are great for showing off luxe body products. Mirrored cabinets recessed into a wall, provide storage for all those small bottles and vials that are a daily necessity.

10. Fixtures

The larger the space, the larger your fixtures to be included. Items like bathtubs need ample space around them to give that luxurious feel to a room, so if you have the space, go for something freestanding. If you have large ceilings you can afford to hang a large rainshower over the wet area for that luxe look.

11. Taps

Matching tapware, mixers and handles for basins, bathtubs and showers work to bring a theme to the overall bathroom renovation. With a range of finishes from matt to chrome, tumbled brass to rose gold, your designer will help to edit your selection to get your bathroom looking stylish and fresh.