The Heart of the Home


During the last few months we have found ourselves working separately at home, to keep us all moving ahead together.

Whilst you have worked from home, schooled from home, organised dinners and lunches, conducted zoom meetings, put together presentations and generally tried to keep everything as normal as possible, you’ve probably also caught yourself thinking about the space you’re working from – the kitchen.

If it was termed the ‘heart of the home’ before, it certainly is true now, as this is where we pour our hearts and souls into each daily task to keep the engine running so to speak.

It’s the comforting and cocooning environment of the heart of the home that is getting us through this lockdown period, and certainly it’s the space that is now seen by those outside the family, as we conduct meetings & presentations online.

You’ve probably had time to think about how the layout could have been better planned, or how the lighting could have been spaced out differently.  Or maybe you should have used that empty wall space to fashion a study nook out of adding more work space.


These are the ideas that will have come to mind and here are some pointers on how The Inside Project can help.

Our trained and award-winning designers are experienced in spatial planning and layout of kitchens & bathrooms.  Ideas about how you can layout a kitchen to include ample and easy access to storage, wide benchtops, and even sorting out a space for a desk and a few shelves to organise a laptop on.

With experience in choosing a multitude of fixtures and fittings, our in-house design team are on hand to guide you through the maze of items on offer.  We will hold your hand while you think about what type of colour or timber finishes you could choose on your cabinets and what type of benchtop is best suited to your lifestyle.

With an easy online, virtual consultation or telephone call, we can discuss what your ideas look like, and how we can make them blend home and get the most out of the space available.

We’re here to help you think through the options and discuss what’s the best way forward to creating the space of your dreams.


The Inside Project Team