Industrial Style Kitchens


Love the look of exposed brick, heavy-duty materials and raw finishes, but still want the convenience of contemporary design features and appliances? An industrial-style kitchen may be for you. 

Harking back to the 1950s, when factories and lofts in urban industrial areas were being converted into desirable living spaces, this style of kitchen has been given a 21st century facelift with inclusions such as warm wood, polished concrete, designer fixtures and cutting-edge appliances. It’s an ideal way to add a rugged urban edge to your home without sacrificing functionality, durability and user-friendly design.

With Industrial designer kitchens the aim is to create a space full of charm and personality; a proud, eclectic mix of wood, metal and brick that you can make your own.

Industrial Design Kitchen


One of the best attributes of industrial kitchen design is how you’re able to create character while keeping things simple; in fact, going industrial often means simply revealing more of your home’s natural look, and letting that create the kitchen’s personality. Exposed brick is a fantastic option for many homes, as it adds a splash of colour and rustic charm without being overwhelming.

Complementing colours and shades are therefore kept subtle, to let the materials ‘tell the story’ by themselves. It’s all about the metal and wood; ‘natural’ is the way to go, with the gleaming stark white surfaces of many other kitchen designs best avoided here.

Looking for the materials for an industrial kitchen island? Polished concrete, marble, laminex and more; there are a range of contemporary surfaces that can perfectly mesh with the industrial surroundings without jostling for attention. 

The idea of stripped-back style extends to the cabinets and cupboards, doing away with elaborate handles and ornate carvings. Industrial style kitchen cabinets tend to be minimalist, often lacking handles for a truly smooth look with clean lines, or keeping the handles fairly innocuous.

Cabinet colours tend to follow the same design principles as the rest of industrial kitchen design, sticking to ‘material’ colours such as wood. However, with some careful selections, cabinetry is most often where you’ll see a splash of colour in an industrial kitchen – it always pays to explore shades and see what will work perfectly with your space. 

For an extra farmhouse touch, wooden shelving can be mounted to the walls, doing away with the need for excessive cupboard space.

In keeping with the rustic simplicity of the industrial style kitchen, the backsplash will often be left mostly unaltered from the original building design. Exposed brick is an extremely popular choice, as often it’ll be hiding behind the plaster already, and the muted shades make for an attractive dash of colour, brimming with old-world charm.

For anyone looking to add a touch of extra style, subway tile can also be an attractive industrial look kitchen splashback alternative.

Visible pipes, beams and ducts: all of these work in tandem to create the look and feel of retro industry, with flooring often emulating the ‘utilitarian chic’ look with materials such as polished concrete or stone.

Fitting an industrial style kitchen with furniture is all about a blend of ‘pre-loved’ tones: rough-textured metal, matte steel and dark wooden furniture. Part of the charm of industrial kitchen design comes from mixing the modern and the retro, so don’t be afraid to go with tables, stools and light fittings that look weathered and aged (provided that underneath the ‘distressed’ look, they’re still decent quality pieces).

Minimalistic hanging lights and vintage floor lamps are a popular choice when it comes to lighting your space, while other sources of warmth come from the more ‘plush’ furniture and add-ons; cozy sofas and rugs make a powerful statement when juxtaposed with raw elements, like the concrete floor and brick walls.


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An industrial kitchen is a bold choice for your home, blending modern style and raw charm in a way that will make your home stand out from the rest. Transforming your kitchen into a space that’s both chic and totally unique is where the experts at the Inside Project are perfectly equipped to help.

We’re the kitchen experts, with decades of combined experience transforming all kinds of spaces and making them work perfectly for you and your family. Our work is award-winning, innovative and uniquely tailored to each home.

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