The country kitchen design is easily recognisable through its traditional surfaces and perfectly curated wooden cabinet pairings. The overall design of a country kitchen is inherently inviting for you and your guests.

Featuring refined yet pure natural elements, country style kitchens will almost always include intricate wood carvings throughout the entirety of the design. Intentionally adding a rustic and homely feel to the kitchen, the wood will be featured on tables, chairs and cabinets to create a consistent style that is refreshing and attractive.

The additions of a crackling wood oven, large farmhouse sinks and numerous door styles will leave your country kitchen feeling intimate and homey.

Country Kitchen


The furnishings in a kitchen gives homeowners the chance to create a kitchen that represents them. Kitchens are designed for the family or individual, and furnishing decisions are imperative when it comes to creating the intended homely atmosphere.  Decisions around furnishings include the type of stools, tables and chairs that will feature within your kitchen, as well as the type of lighting used. Choosing cabinets, splashbacks and the finer details of your farmhouse kitchen, are the furnishing decisions that need to be made when developing country kitchen ideas. These furnishing elements transform your kitchen into a space that is tailored to you.

Cabinets are an integral part of the design of any kitchen.

In a kitchen it is imperative that there is adequate storage available so that you are not only free from clutter, but able to store your food and appliances properly. 

Cabinets are even more integral to a country kitchen as they visually convey the country style design. Country style kitchen cabinets are designed so that their style never ages.

Cabinets make up a significant portion of the kitchen, often positioned both under and above the benchtops. This creates the homestyle design that is so important to a country style kitchen. 

The farmhouse pantry is yet another vital aspect of Australian country kitchens. Your pantry reflects your lifestyle and can be designed to create a sense of personality within your home.

Country style pantries are intended to create a usable space that is beneficial to your home. Farmhouse kitchens often feature walk-in, spacious pantries with a focus on displaying the herbs and spices used in your cooking.

Splashbacks add an additional element of texture to a simplistic country kitchen design.

Traditionally, farmhouse kitchen designers opt for wall tiles or pressed metal as the kitchen’s featured splashback.

Wall tiles feature many different textures and colours that are intended to visually balance a glossy-stone benchtop.

In contrast, pressed metal splashbacks are often understated in appearance in order to highlight the beauty of the wooden fixtures and fittings

It’s the finer details of the country kitchen that make it such a unique style. Each element of a country kitchen is specifically curated to create the warm and homey feeling that country kitchen’s are so well-known for. When it comes to the final details, no two kitchens are the same. The kitchens represent the owner, from the position in which the crockery and appliances are placed, to the colour scheme of the home. The colour scheme of your farm style kitchen is dependent on the type of wood you choose for your fixtures and fittings. A light-coloured pinewood is a popular choice amongst homeowners, as well as cherry, maple and oak. Each type of wood conveys its own style that is then consistently used both in the kitchen and throughout the home to create a colour scheme that represents the uniqueness of the individual.


We understand how important it is to have a kitchen that feels like your space and we work hard to create it. The country style is a popular choice for a reason; it can turn a house into a home. We don’t have any recent case studies on country styles, but our variety of other kitchen projects will leave you with a strong sense of our finest work. You can find some of our work below.

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classic kitchen style
classic kitchen style
classic kitchen renovation
classic kitchen renovation

Newport Project

Country Kitchen + Other Styles
Country Kitchen + Other Styles
Country Kitchen + Other Styles
Country Kitchen + Other Styles


The Inside Project create bespoke country style kitchen designs to fit your space and reflect your personality. Our experienced team of designers value a level of precision that is difficult to find elsewhere, and have designed numerous timeless country kitchens. 

Each of our country kitchen designs are developed and tailored to the client, so that no kitchen is the same. Creating a sense of homeliness is pivotal to our designs, so that our clients have a warm space to cook, spend time with their family and entertain. 

Our emphasis on professionalism when communicating with our clients and our ability to produce consistently high quality designs positions our team at The Inside Project as second-to-none in the design world.

If you’re considering beginning your country kitchen remodel or looking for a new design, contact us on 1300 126 457 or fill out our contact form.


Our initial consultation allows us to gather all the information we need to present a concept design and budget figure. Once the concept is established the design will be developed before a pre-build site meeting is conducted to finalise the cost. Your project will be managed by our experienced site team using online tools to keep you up to date on the schedule and progress. Our goal is to make what can be a stressful and arduous process as seamless and transparent as possible.


Design Consultation

We undertake an in-depth consultation with you to develop a clear understanding of your desired project outcome. With your input, our expert designers create a concept that reflects your vision for your home and lifestyle, and integrates seamlessly with your existing structures.

Pre-build Inspection

Our experienced project manager carries out a thorough inspection of your building. This ensures that all points have been covered in preparation for the build phase of your project. Any design issues identified through this process are addressed before going ahead with the build.


Project Build

Using the highest quality materials and latest techniques, our builders skillfully translate your design into reality. Throughout this process, you’ll have access to an online schedule to track the progress of your build, as well as the guidance of a dedicated project team.


Project Handover

With the project build completed in full, we turn your newly improved space back over to you to enjoy with family and friends. Our team remains available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have during this process, ensuring your satisfaction with the finished product.