Considering the timeless style, it’s difficult to go wrong with a classic kitchen. The true essence of classic kitchen design is elegance through simplicity: neutral colours, unfettered surfaces and a list of opportunities for making the space your own.

‘Classic’ may seem like a word with a broad definition, but this particular design choice will usually be distinguished by a few fundamentals.

Classic Kitchen


Neutral Colour Scheme

While white is about as simple as it gets when it comes to shading, it also creates a clean look that radiates simple elegance. Colours come and colours go, but white (and any shade close to it) is never going out of fashion, which makes it a classic kitchen staple.

Subtle Colour Contrast 

All-black kitchens are an adventurous choice, and a powerful statement. Hints of black, however, are always welcome in a classic kitchen look, serving to break up the clean white with bold underlines. In particular, black is a popular colour for countertops.

The Flexible Look

The best thing about classic kitchens is how they can be accessorised with ease. Neutral colours mean you can add wood finishes, vintage furniture and other quirks, and it won’t upset the look and feel of your space.

These are some broad strokes that help a kitchen to withstand the test of time, although they don’t have to be followed to the absolute letter. ‘Neutral colours’ can be more than just black and white, for example, with many timeless classics incorporating wood finishes and metallic lampshades.

One of the best things about classic kitchen design is how easily you can change the overall feel of the space, using a wide variety of furniture.

Starting with a neutral colour base means you end up spoilt for choice when it comes to the colour of your furniture. You can pair the marble countertops with a table to match, or choose a more vintage, wooden kitchen table and chairs to contrast the space. Most light fittings and lamps will be right at home in your kitchen, provided they’re not overly ostentatious or ornate – you still need to be careful about permanent installations that take away from the simple, ‘classic’ feel.

A classic kitchen is also easy to accessorise with flowers and orchids of all kinds, as well as vases and ceramics from vintage to modern. 

Since cabinetry takes up a great deal of the surface space of your kitchen, it’s a good idea to stick with white or cream cabinet doors. However, provided you have enough white elsewhere to balance it out, black cabinets can also be a viable option – usually, this involves taking the ‘white cabinets/black countertops’ look and flipping it on its head.

Glass windows are also a popular option for your classic kitchen cabinets, providing elegance and utility without crossing the line and becoming overly ornate or dated. The actual cabinet door style is best kept subtle; shaker doors are perfect for providing a neutral look that blends in with the surroundings.

The colour of your splashback is an important decision, as it provides both a highlight and a buffer between various surfaces and cabinetry.

Subway tiles are an extremely popular option, mainly because of their timeless style. White subways tiles are a stylish finisher to any space, but when featured in a classic style kitchen, they’re able to add character without taking attention away from any of the other elements.

Marble is also a popular splashback option: easy to clean, and it matches perfectly with white and black.


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classic kitchen style
classic kitchen style
classic kitchen renovation
classic kitchen renovation

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Classic Style Kitchen Renovation
Williamstown Classic Style Kitchen Design
classic kitchen renovation


A classic style kitchen is an addition to your home that will never go out of style, bringing you joy for years to come. When it comes to the design of your personal space, why leave it to anyone but the experts?

The Inside Project approaches every design with care and passion, aiming to transform your space into a pristine example of style and functionality. Our award-winning design work has seen us create solutions that are innovative, contemporary and perfectly suited to you and your family’s needs and preferences.

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