The Bathroom Renovation Process… What You Need To Know.


So you’ve been planning for a bathroom renovation for the last few months, and you’ve had plenty of time to think about colours and styles.  But what next?  Read on for some important information you will need to know about our Bathroom Renovation Process.



Speaking to one of our qualified Interior Designers will give you peace of mind in knowing that your chosen design will be the best option for your home.  

During your consultation, the designer will discuss your likes and dislikes, needs and wants and options for finishes/colours with you.  You could come away from your consultation with different options that you might have not considered before, making for an amazing final build.

So why not give us a call and have a chat with one of our experienced Interior Designers today.




Plans, Inspection & Contracts

Not sure what to do once you’ve met with one of our experienced designers?  Waiting to receive your designs and floorplans is always an exciting time.  We want you to have the best amount of information about what is noted on the plans when you get them back, so our lines of communication are always open.  Your designer will meet again with you to review the details.  We will walk you through all the elevations and answer those question you have about ‘how will this look like’ with a life-like 3D render of the space.  It’s the best way to get front, side and top view of your new bathroom or ensuite layout.

Once the plans and details have been reviewed and approved, you’re ready to progress to inspection and contracts.  

Our Site Manager will come onboard to conduct a Building Inspection to ensure that we’ve captured all the little details in the plans.  Any changes or adjustments are made after this stage, which then gets signed off and confirmed by yourself.




Next step is scheduling.

Our team of coordinators and trades, work with an easy to navigate online scheduling tool, making the process of booking trades, timing of the project and planning completion, easy to view for everyone involved.

From start date to demolition, when different trades are expected to visit and up to nearing completion of your renovation, all the details are listed on our on-line scheduling platform.   It’s an easy way to keep an eye on what’s coming up next on site, and a great way of planning ahead to completion date.

How long will a renovation take?  This really depends on a number of factors, although generally it will take around 4-6 weeks for the construction process.  The Inside Project work collaboratively with our designers, suppliers and installers under a pre-defined process, this ensures your project stays on track!



Each stage of the renovation is tracked and signed off by our Site Manager and the homeowner, making sure that each party is happy with the progress.  Of course, unexpected delays and adjustments do present themselves from time to time on a building site, but rest assured our team has years of experience in minimising any delays and working around obstacles that might pop up during works.

Our trusted and qualified team of trades include demolition, plumbing, electrical, plastering, waterproofing, tiling, painting, carpentry, joinery assembly, and much more.  You can rest assured, our valued trades team members will be on site to take care of your renovation and deliver outstanding product build and installation at the end of the project.  Our team are adept at leaving the project site each day pretty neat and tidy and  keeping dust and debris to a minimum – it is after all still your home.

Of course, some clients chose to vacate their home for a period of time to enable easy access to the trades team.  This might suit you and family too.  But where this isn’t a possibility, rest assured our team of trades will look after your home knowing that you will be living there whilst works are being carried out.

Once completed and at Final sign off, your home is handed back to you and all that’s left to do is enjoy your new space.


If you need more information about the process of renovating, talk to one of our dedicated team members by calling 1300 126 457.  Alternatively, book a consultation via our website here.