How Much Does It Cost For A New Kitchen?

How many times have you scanned the latest interiors magazine and picked out your new kitchen in advance?  Have you often looked at your current space and thought ‘In my next kitchen I will have…’?  Tired of kitchen envy as you browse the European furniture showrooms… it’s probably time for a kitchen renovation.

But how much will it all cost?… you think.

As part of the process you should first consider the value of your house, the suburb you live in and ensure your budget is comparable to the return you can expect to receive.

Having said that, if you are planning on living in this home for years to come the cost becomes less relevant.  Think about how much enjoyment you will get out of your new kitchen in the meantime; you deserve to have a beautiful new space to prepare meals in, cook some fabulous dinners for the family and entertain your friends in.  Above all, remember, the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s the first place you bring your friends to when they pop over for a coffee catch up, so you might as well have a gorgeous backdrop to soak up and leave others feeling that pang of kitchen envy.

Don’t scrimp on details – that extra $5,000 or $10,000 to get exactly what you want may seem a stretch now, but in a year’s time when you are enjoying the added benefits you won’t regret the decision.

The overall cost will mainly be dependent on your appliance selection, the style of finishes, the kitchen size & layout and the level of trade services required to complete the project.  It stands to reason that the larger the room the more the cost of cabinetry will be.  Altering the layout will also add cost as will choosing high end appliances and finishes.

Generally speaking, a budget design can start from $20,000 with a mid-range kitchen up to the $40,000 range.

Larger kitchens with higher end finishes and appliances are usually $50,000 and upwards.

A great place to start on the design & budget is with your wish list – the items that you are absolutely not willing to pass on.  Whether it be all storage in drawers, two ovens or that marble benchtop you have been dreaming of for years.  Or is this a quick renovation to sell your home in which case you should think more generically about what most people will want.

Scan those kitchen images from the pages of the interior magazines and make a list of what you see in the space, what you love and what you don’t love.

The wow factor of the kitchen is arguably the benchtops.  Marble or stone countertops always pack a punch on the final look of the kitchen.  Benchtops and splashbacks that are finished in the same material give a luxe seamless look and always draw gasps of appreciation from your visitors.  If you really want that luxury designer look but don’t want the budget to be strained that much, go for a thin marble profile and mix it up with a glossy subway tiled splashback.  Voila!  Designer, on-trend, texture and interest in one.

The finish on your cabinets will make an impact on your budget as well.  Plain painted cabinet fronts will be budget friendly as opposed to cabinets with any detail on them (think the on-trend wainscoting).

Those luxury designer appliances with the self-cleaning feature and the special non scratch stainless steel finish, might or might not make you coffee in the morning, but as they are sourced from a European designer brand, will not be budget range either.  Consider buying your appliances from one store when they have a sale or special promotion; even if it is a year before you’re planning to start your reno, you will have paid off the appliances before you begin and you don’t have to think about ordering them at a later date.  Same goes for taps and light fittings.  Keep everything in storage until you start and let your designer know that you’ve already sourced these functional items.  Alternatively, your designer might be able to source product with a special trade discount.  Hey, we wouldn’t say no to expert advice and a discount!

Still confused with all the budgeting options and pricing?   Call us to chat about what you’re after in your ideal kitchen.  Let’s see how we can help you pull your ideas together and come up with a beautiful kitchen loaded with functional space and keep it within a workable budget.

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